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Vincent du groupe EOLEN

Vincent, HPC Expert Consultant

I am fascinated with innovative projects related to new technologies...

My first EOLEN mission dealt with one of the biggest European car manufacturers. I was responsible for assessment, implementation and configuration of simulation software within an HPC (High Performance Calculation) framework. In parallel with this mission, I participated in a collaboration project on GPU architectures (OpenGPU) and I then worked in another collaboration, a research project dealing with neuroimaging and genomics data analysis called Brainomics.

Since then, I have been operating for a year within an EOLEN project team for a major research, development and innovation operator. Most of my activity is dedicated to application support of a large IT centre called "Très Grand Centre de Calcul" (TGCC) in which I help users to optimise their codes to fully benefit from this new IT infrastructure.

As an expert, I also operate on consulting and training activities for big industrial manufacturers on the latest code optimisation methods for new hardware architectures.

EOLEN gives me the opportunity to work on the last new technologies with first-line industrial operators (component manufacturer, European research laboratories, first-line industrial manufacturers...). This enables me to continue to develop my knowledge and technical expertise.


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