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Habib du groupe EOLEN

Habib, Software Configuration Support Engineer Consultant

Working with a renowned French biotechnology company, I have a fulfilling professional life, working on unique and innovative projects...

I work on an experimental project, which is the first of its kind worldwide. This project has been developed in secret for a long time and has been carried out with the same advanced technologies used in the Defense sector (missile computer-controlled and microcontroller). It is extremely exciting to be able to take part in such a project.

The system developed is a prosthesis including material components, as well as a software part that is essential to its functioning process. I particularly operate on the development cycle of this "soft" part, for which I am in charged with the construction of a report on data and software product components by the development team.

My manager has always been available, even before I was part of EOLEN. That's why I decided to join them. I appreciate his support on a daily basis, and his ability to answer my questions. He frequently invites me for an individual follow-up. During these interviews, we talk about the evolution of my tasks and the general progress of the mission.

When I speak about my work and corporate life at EOLEN, my friends are enthusiastic to also become part of the team. So I encourage them to do so, as I am fully satisfied with the Company. It is not common to be part of such great corporate life with so many friendly events and such respect from the line management.


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