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Our modes of action

Offers adapted to the context of each individual project.

Technical advice and support: we guarantee to provide flexible solutions to peak workloads or to research requiring a specific expertise.
Our commitment is to impart professional skills to your project. This solution is particularly suitable for services requiring a high level of integration with client teams.

Service Centres: we can set up a project team, ensuring a continuous service in a technical and/or functional area. The EOLEN Group provides a skillset of exceptional standard, and a functional adaptability to changes that may occur during project evolution. Quality indicators assure effective project management for service or work units, which are jointly established with the client. These activities can also be outsourced from our development centres...

Package: we propose a complete operation, including an engagement on cost, deadlines, and a predefined quality of the deliverable product (study file, software components, audit), in compliance with specifications provided by the client and according to the delivery schedule.

Trainings: we are an accredited FAFIEC organisation. EOLEN additionally runs inter- or intra- company training with ITIL and High Performance Calculations (HPC) themes.

Hpc solution

EOLEN expertise dedicated to every business sector.

Competitivity System@tic Paris-Region pole and Ter@tec association via AS+ branch member, EOLEN has developed expertise in this sector including:

  • Modeling and Scientific data processing: analysis and modeling of physical phenomena, simulator development and calibration, data processing networks, post-processing graphics, management solutions and data diffusion.
  • Continuous support during HPC projects via services including:
    • Consulting: material architecture options, tools and parallelisation methods.
    • Audit: analysis of previously parallelised codes; analysis of limiting operations.
    • Development: existing code porting and scaling on CPU, GPU, hybrid or cluster architectures.
    • Inter/intra-company trainings: on brochure or specifications (see training brochure and video).

We assert expertise with the majority of technologies used by our clients: OpenMP, MPI, CUDA, OpenCL, Matlab, processors, infrastructures and distributed systems.

We also perform internal or partnership R&D work such as:

  • Brainomics project: methodological and software solution research for neuroimaging and genomics data integration. CEA managed project with INSERM and CNRS partnership.

Some example projects:

  • CEA: Implementation and management service package for application support activity for calculation code integration of academic and TGCC industrial users.
  • IRSN: application support and parallelisation of environmental effluent dispersion codes.
  • INRA (partnership): OpenGPU project – use of GPU to optimise genome analysis platform (DNA sequencing).


Riskalis solution

An EOLEN Group solution specialised in consultancy for risk monitoring and compliance with regulations and standards.

RISKALIS, a subsidiary of the EOLEN Group, operates on many fronts to enable clients to ensure an efficient compliance with regulations and standards:

  • Training for collaborators to promote awareness of the issues that are at stake.
  • Design and management of specific indicators, optimised to ensure efficiency of the monitoring plan.
  • Methodology: without a keen appreciation of the issues at stake and the consequences of decisions taken, the final monitoring system will only impede progress.

RISKALIS delivers the best of its expertise for the implementation of this platform using a tailored approach according to the context and the challenges of each customer. RISKALIS is proud of its multidisciplinary teams, able to:

  • Understand various evaluation, modeling and risk management methods.
  • Support the implementation and organisation of monitoring bodies, an essential element in securing monitoring data.

RISKALIS offer operates in the following sectors:

  • Risk profile and risk mapping.
  • Risk statistical modeling.
  • Portfolio stress test operations.
  • Upgrading business lines and process compliance using developed risk management strategies and standards.
  • Incident recording and internal audits.
  • Evaluation of strategies of approach, and impacts on IS governance.
  • Project and change management.

RISKALIS is part of the C2R consortium (Control for Risk Resiliency), responsible for the development and implementation of standards for internal risk monitoring and a methodology to measure control efficiency.

  • Re-developing bank debt collection processes via implementation of KRI (Key Risk Indicators), in order to lower costs and improve operational efficiency.
  • Implementation of system to record operational risk incidents within a bank, and subsequent risk mapping.
  • Continuous upgrade of a permanent monitoring device for a life insurance company, covering each business line and support functions.

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