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An expertise dedicated to our three key sectors.

Our mission is to support our clients in the creation and development of their projects which involve a strong technological element, across three major sectors:

  • The "product" development cycle: studies and development of products and systems.
  • Industrial Engineering: design and construction projects for major industrial sites or energy production and major infrastructure projects.
  • Information System Consulting: business software, IT infrastructure management and functional expertise.

We offer an intervention throughout the duration of the project life cycle: from preliminary studies while carrying out design and development, to supervision and maintenance, and in PMO.
Our expertise encompasses the following fields of expertise:

  • Web development and application,
    Portals, Information Systems, PLM and technical data management, mobile applications…
  • Embedded Systems
    Real-time software, middleware, low-level software, drivers, electronics...
  • Scientific data processing and HPC
    Modeling, simulation, calculation, data processing and display, HPC…
  • Systems and networks
    User interface, security, messaging service, servers, LAN/WAN, storage...
  • Telecommunications
    Architecture, fixed and mobile networks, encoding, content distribution and management, security…
  • System design and Industrial Engineering
    Mechanical studies and design, structures and civil engineering, processes, electricity - high/low voltages, instrumentation and robotics, general installation and piping, HVA (air conditioning), tests and implementation...
  • Cross sectional activity
    PMO (planning, cost control…), purchasing and distribution, logistics, quality and environmental risk management, system safety...


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