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Corporate life is a central concept for the EOLEN Group. We are dedicated to offer our consultants and managers a corporate life rich in exchanges and events. We regularly organise sporting competitions, agency information meetings, cultural and party events for all our employees.
In addition, our partnership with the Boralys Production Company allows for frequent invitation to a wide range of shows and theatre performances. Watch below for an inside look at some of EOLEN's previous events:


High values are fundamental to the EOLEN Group. Surpassing oneself, challenge, performance, perseverance, team spirit: EOLEN looks to bring into the spotlight darling attitudes, innovation and personal talent, using an active sponsorship policy.
We supported Henri Pescarolo during "24 heures du Mans" car race in 2011 and 2012, and Philippe Monnet during the « Ultime Challenge », a non-stop solo trip around the world in a multihull boat with the sail turned upside down. In 2012, we supported a 4L Trophy team, and a long-distance humanitarian trek uniquely for student participants.
This year has seen sponsorship of a team participating in the "Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles" - an only-female rally car race in the Moroccan desert. Find out more about our values and some of the challenges we have supported by watching below:


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