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Why choose EOLEN ?

Rise up to the challenge and grow… Together!

When joining EOLEN, you decide to participate in a project for the future, which combines professionalism with expertise and market leading concepts, with all the advantages of a human-sized structure. Let's build it together!

We give you the opportunity to:

  • Benefit from a customised career follow-up to enjoy long-term fulfillment and professional development.
  • Take part in stimulating and inspiring projects in rapidly growing sectors, whilst building your professional network with your clients and other EOLEN collaborators.
  • Enjoy geographical, sectorial and functional mobility opportunities.
  • Develop your skills and knowledge through training adapted to your requirements and career projects.
  • Enjoy a responsible, friendly and enriching corporate culture.

Your professional development and a flourishing career are at the heart of our strategy. We aim to bring together the best talent to deliver excellence in the support provided to clients. Your commitment, creativity and expertise provide the best illustration of our dedicated service.
Our consultants operate on a wide range of projects such as:

  • Analysis and design of composite structures for aircraft manufacturers.
  • Process engineering for FLNG construction.
  • Risk control of Asset Management in banks.
  • LTE equipment introduction and implementation for operators.
  • Marketing channel innovative web platform development.
  • Application support and code optimisation for supercomputers.
  • Outsourcing for pharmaceutical firms.

Within their specific business sector, our managers' missions mainly deal with:

  • Developing privileged relationships with their clients: managing their sectorial and technological challenges, identifying their requirements and providing adapted solutions.
  • Designing commercial and technical offers and guaranteeing customised follow-up throughout project life cycles.
  • Making the best use of new talent and offering support during construction of their professional projects.



A recruitment process focused on mutual learning, and the motivation to construct future projects together.

Our recruitment process is based upon sharing and communication: we provide flexibility, accuracy and reactivity combined. Our approach is guided by the following important values: listening, understanding, evaluation and advice.

First interview: After an initial contact, you will meet one of our Recruitment Managers, who will introduce you to the Group, its development strategy and fields of expertise. You will then have the opportunity to share with us your professional experience and ambitions for your career, in order for us to best meet with your expectations.

Second interview: The second interview will be conducted by one of our Managers or Technical Experts. The purpose of this second meeting is to assess your technical and/or functional expertise, in addition to your interpersonal skills, so that we may advise you on your potential for development within the Group. At the end of this interview, we may be able to introduce to you the projects in which you may have the opportunity to participate.

Third interview: During your third interview, you will meet one of the board of Directors. During this final interview, an offer of collaboration will be made.



Consultant at EOLEN: Always connected with your company!

The integration of our collaborators within the Group is a key step in their professional success at EOLEN. We offer continual support during their missions though local management teams. The availability of our managers and internal staff are the mainstay of this support.

For a smooth integration into the EOLEN Group, there are many points of information at your disposal:

  • An employee handbook will be given to you when you sign your contract. The handbook provides further information about Group EOLEN, in addition to information about the internal management procedures employed.
  • Your manager will be your first port of call, and shall remain available for any questions you may have.
  • An integration session will be organised by the HR department and administration team when you join the Group, to provide an opportunity to answer all your questions and clearly explain the administrative process.
  • At each of our client sites, your first steps within your new project team will be accompanied by an experienced consultant.

Your manager will support you for the duration of your mission:

  • Project follow-up: You will have the opportunity to meet regularly with your manager, who will offer guidance and support to enable you to successfully realise the objectives you will have been given.
  • Yearly interview: This is a key step for your performance assessment, to identify your strong points and your future professional evolution. It also provides a dedicated moment to share your career perspectives and your professional ambitions within the Group.
  • End of project assessment: We will meet in order to assess the skills that you have acquired during your mission, and define together the best evolution for your future career.


Career follow-up

EOLEN, consulting dedicated to our collaborators.

Thanks to a regular and customised follow-up, the EOLEN Group builds up career plans in conjunction with its consultants and supports them during their professional development.

  • In the technical/functional expertise branch: challenging consulting missions, organisation of training projects for the technical community, or participation in pre-sales activities.
  • In the project management branch: project design and management, EOLEN consulting team supervision for a service centre or package project.
  • You will also have the opportunity to join the business management branch as a Business Manager or Branch Manager according to your experience, to prepare you for positions in business management and commercial supervision.

Various job opportunities : Schéma de suivi de carrière chez EOLEN



Mobility within the EOLEN Group: our sectorial and geographical opportunities.

Are you looking to discover a new sector, support our regional or international clients, or looking for new professional perspectives? We will define together the most optimal path to help you reach your goals.

Professional mobility is possible within the sphere of development perspectives offered to our partners, in many forms:

  • Evolution towards another professional function according to career options that we define together
  • A business sector change to make use of technical expertise in a different functional situation.
  • Geographical mobility in France and abroad.

We use an individualised approach to offer our collaborators the best opportunities to enhance and vary their careers. Through its growth and development, the EOLEN Group maintains that its best resources are its collaborators.



Your skill development dedicated to our future projects.

As we are committed to the highest quality for our internal procedures, so are we committed to guaranteeing the employability of our consultants. The training of our collaborators is the most valuable method to achieve this promise.

The very nature of our profession as Engineering Consultants demands a continuous updating and improvement in technical skills, knowledge about norms and standards within our business sectors, in addition to our capacity to operate within a multicultural environment.

The EOLEN Group dedicates more than 3% of its wage share to professional training, in order to help its partners best develop their technical skills. EOLEN is itself a registered training centre, specialised in digital simulation and supercomputing.

EOLEN has also created an internal sales school, Eoschool whose goal is to build up standards of best practice within the Group, and train new managers on each activity.



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